When asked about GOP senators being attacked and harassed in public, Senator Mazie Hirono showed her true colors once again …

She’s basically saying the GOP has it coming because they’re white supremacists or something; heck, she might as well have said their skirts are too short.

Victim-blame much, Mazie?

It would be all the GOP’s fault, duh.

Everything is.

And it would somehow still be white supremacy but she’d find a way to work in the patriarchy as well.

But she believes survivors … or something.

That work here? Maybe not.

You don’t see a lot of Democrats being chased out of restaurants.


Well, unless they’ve ticked off their base and other Democrats are chasing them out, but still.

We’re pretty sure that’s a requirement to be a Democrat these days.

Because she didn’t.

Democrats. *shrug*


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