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FAKE blue wave! Leaked audio of lib organizer telling bused-in activists to HIDE where they're from is SO 2018 Dems

Sorry Democrats, if you have to bus people in for protests in order to pretend you have momentum heading into the midterms that whole blue wave thing is probably NOT going to happen. We’ve known the Left has been doing this for years (Scott Walker protesters anyone?), but to hear it through leaked audio … it’s still honestly a little shocking.


We especially like how the organizer thinks it’s somehow a good thing to lie to people about where you’re from when you’re protesting against a candidate you couldn’t vote for if you wanted to. What a smug hyena.


They’d claim Republicans were busing in Nazis to scare people or some other horse manure.

It’s all about what the mob wants, not the people.


HA! Fair.

Exactly. NYC is very different from the rest of the state and if people in that district wanted NYC ideals and politics they’d move there.

Dirty pool.


‘WE can play this game too!’ James Woods takes NYT to the SHED for target harassing this ‘protected group’ (he’s baaack!)

Dilly DILLY! Mother Jones ed. director gets DRAGGED with his own attack on Susan Collins and it’s GLORIOUS

OMG he’s LOST IT! Ron Perlman has full-out MELTDOWN, compares Kavanaugh to Hitler (and then it REALLY gets dumb)

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