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Google THIS! After threatening the GOP, Google Lead Designer's half-a*sed explanation sets record for BACKFIRE

A Lead Designer from Google named Dave Hogue had a few ‘choice’ words for the GOP on Saturday over the Kavanaugh confirmation …

Which he deleted.


Luckily Tammy Bruce grabbed it (and we did too but that’s beside the point).

Tell us more about how Google isn’t biased.

He literally has Google in his bio on Twitter, and where you see many, many Conservatives posting anonymously because they’re afraid they’ll lose their jobs for their opinions in social media, Dave here was fearless.

Or dense.

Maybe both.

The UX Google guy did delete the tweet but as we all know, tweets are FOREVER.

Especially when you can just Google it.


Let’s hear it for Google!


To be fair, this Google employee did try and apologize … sorta:

When you read it again, it’s really not an apology, is it?

More like he’s making excuses for writing a horrible tweet.

And c’mon, like he knows what’s in anyone else’s best interests?

We’re going to bet Google couldn’t care less. Psh, if anything they might give him a raise.


It’s like some of our good friends on the Left don’t understand they’re driving sane people away from their party. Democrats have turned into the rage party, it’s been so long since we’ve seen them actually stand FOR something instead of just against everything …

And Dave is a sad example of that messaging.

Maybe he should Google the word, ‘Consequences.’


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