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Move OVER Avenatti! When Dems roll this harpy out to dis Kavanaugh you KNOW the end is NIGH (video)

‘Oh good, it’s Gloria Allred preaching to us about Kavanaugh’ … said no one, ever.

You know when Michael Avenatti grows up he wants to be her, right? Hey, it’s on him to prove otherwise. That’s how this works now, right?



Seriously, how desperate are our good friends on the Left if they’re trotting ol’ Gloria out?


We could have gone our whole lives never hearing or seeing this so of course, we had to share it with you all.

You’re welcome.

Not sure what they were thinking here.

Eat your heart out, Avenatti.


Everyone go home.

Like ‘The Gong Show’ but not as funny.

Yup, it’a done deal.


Oh NO you don’t! Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s 1st tweet after cloture vote seems like she’s trying to change the subject

‘I’m angry and I’M VOTING!’ Jon Favreau gets his a*s HANDED to him by Conservative woman in EPIC thread

THE TRIGGERING! Jeff Flake says he will vote YES on Kavanaugh, millions of Lefty heads EXPLODE at once

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