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He's gonna CRY! Kimberley Strassel RIPS Matthew Dowd a new one for advocating silencing speech he disagrees with

You know those tweets where you read them and think about whether or not it would hurt too much to poke your eyes out so you never have to read something like that again?


Too dramatic?

Eh, when you read as many tweets as we do it makes sense … for example, LOOK at this sanctimonious BS from Matthew Dowd.

So basically, Matthew is advocating only talking to one side of an issue, or at least that’s how we read it. We’d ask him but he has this editor blocked.

Yup. Authoritarians only want people to see, hear, and read certain things.


This effing guy.

Matthew got a little defensive:

She didn’t call him a Leftist.

Yeah, Matthew, explain that.

Narrator: He didn’t.


Someone seems fussy.

Many people called him out claiming he is no conservative, and he just kept repeating this:

It’s Latin for, ‘Love conquers all.’

So deep.

And see, he does only like to listen to one side, the one that agrees with him.


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