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BOOMITY --> If there was EVER 1 tweet that PERFECTLY sums up the dumpster fire media has become over Kavanaugh it's THIS 1

We’d like to take a break from the Kavanaugh chaos to cover this tweet that literally and completely sums up the dumpster fire the media has become. Sure, the content of this tweet is based on reporters babbling about Kavanaugh, but let’s focus on just how bad the media has been while reporting on this story.


We’ve known they’re biased for years … but to see a tweet like this one is truly art.

And not in a good way.

Suppose we should just be glad they’ve stopped pretending to be unbiased? Maybe?


Could also use a little Stelter or Acosta.

We’re surprised this didn’t open up some sort of space-time continuum.


And pushing a narrative.


It really is.


They REALLY tweeted that?! LOL! Senate Judiciary DROPS Dianne Feinstein, absolutely TRIGGERS the Left

‘GFYS!’ Sally Kohn wrote Repubs a letter shaming them for being worried about their sons, guess how it turned out

Can’t be SERIOUS! Feinstein and Schumer’s statement on FBI investigation into Kavanaugh DUMBER than we thought possible

‘Disgrace to survivors.’ Sara Gonzales’ thread detailing how she went from believing to disbelieving Ford is CRUSHING

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