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Too late, CHAMP! Brian Stelter STEPS IN IT claiming media shouldn't seem 'complicit' in smearing Kavanaugh

Would someone PLEASE remind Brian Stelter he works for CNN?



From money.cnn.com:

Try to put yourself Christine Blasey Ford’s shoes for a minute. You’re living out of a suitcase. You’re staring down death threats. You’re thinking about testifying. Everybody on TV is talking about you. And many websites are smearing you to help Kavanaugh.


He continues …

During the aforementioned CNN segment, I found myself saying this about Kavanaugh: “He is allowed to have been a frat boy. I’m sure other judges have been frat boys. I’m sure other judges have had similar experiences at college.”

Afterward, I wanted to unwind those words. Yes, a fraternity member is allowed to become a Supreme Court justice — many have. Long nights of partying shouldn’t be counted against someone. But acts of sexual assault should be. Boys will only “be boys” if society enables and excuses certain behaviors…

Alrighty then, Bri.

So the media should work to not be seen as complicit in this circus. Too late.



The media has done nothing but help further this smear campaign on Kavanaugh. Meanwhile all but ignoring Keith Ellison’s accuser Karen Monahan who appears to actually have evidence and real witnesses.

Them’s the facts … we know, facts confuse CNN types but it is what it is.




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