UPDATE: The prominent conservative man in question reached out to this Twitchy editor and he did indeed ask Sally for some advice. This editor apologizes for being cynical and acknowledges that Sally was telling the truth. — Ed.

According to Sally Kohn, she received a private message from a prominent conservative man asking for her advice … right after the magical leprechaun led her to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You’ll have to excuse us if we seem doubtful that any man would ask Sally for advice, let alone a prominent conservative one but hey, it’s 2018, so anything is possible.



Sure. He wrote that.


We really hope this guy isn’t real.

A self-hating conservative man.

Bill Kristol, is that you?

OH, WE’RE KIDDING, settle down.

Here’s Sally’s advice:

Misogynistic culture.

This editor already checked out, just FYI.

Considering some women think that a man sitting comfortably on the subway is sexual harassment, this number does not surprise us one bit.






Usually, we would agree with Kohn on this point. However, the timing around the Kavanaugh allegations and the giant holes in the accusers’ stories are disconcerting. Witnesses contradicting stories, the victims not being able to remember when, where or if it was even him?

She really should point out here that women who falsely accuse others of sexual assault hurt real victims.

Questioning the validity of said accusers’ claims is not shaming or blaming them, Sally.


And we thought 2017 was nutty.


HOLY SH*T! Did Ronan Farrow really just throw Senate Dems under the bus about Ramirez?!

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