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'Add some GLITTER to that glue yer sniffin'!' Sally Kohn's tweet cheering Antifa weekend protests goes BADLY

Sally Kohn seems super glad white supremacist Nazis didn’t show up in D.C. this weekend. Interestingly enough she doesn’t seem all that upset about a bunch of Antifa protesters showing up and attacking journalists and police officers.


Funny that.

Say what? Call us crazy but we’d really rather not spend weekends getting beaten up by Antifa thugs …

Maybe what Sally should have said here is what people on the right have been saying all along, and that’s the fact that white supremacists are a fringe movement with members in the hundreds if they’re lucky.

Heck, only 25 showed up this weekend.

And good point, considering what Antifa seems to be pushing we’re not entirely sure Sally thought her cheerleading through.


We did, we did!


Uh huh.

But Truuuuuuuump.



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