Maybe Alyssa Milano missed it, but the only people who really showed up this past weekend in Charlottesville and in D.C. who caused any problems were part of Antifa. In fact, it looks like maybe two dozen sad little white men showed up to pretend that white supremacy actually has a place in this country.

Which it does, but it’s a teeny, tiny, fraction of place that no one really pays any attention to except the media who all but dumped gasoline on the fire of stupid that burns within the Left.

But hey, if listing off a bunch of stuff she won’t tolerate makes Alyssa feel better, she should knock herself out.

Too bad she’s describing the Left.

Cycle of hate.

That’s adorable.

If only she’d really raise her voice to end the hatred that was displayed from the Left this weekend and most every day.

A true American sees a person for who that person is, not their color, creed, sex, ability … they see the individual. When we see people as a group or a label they get lost; we can celebrate and love our differences without making them what’s most important about one another.

But she’s raising her voice and stuff!


We wouldn’t count on it any time soon.


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