BuzzMachine blogger and journalism prof Jeff Jarvis decided to white knight for poor, sad, victim of all victims, Brian Stelter.

Don’t know Jeff? No big loss.

The only reason we do is that he was one of the whiny journos complaining about an evil t-shirt that said ‘Fake News’ in a gift shop at the Newseum. He and others (like Stelter) whined about said t-shirt so much the museum caved and got rid of it.

Which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damn sad.

This time, Jarvis set his sights on ‘Mr. and Mrs. New York Post Op-Ed Editor’:

Guess if you consider defending your employer and your spouse ‘going apesh*t’ …

Really dude?

No wonder this guy was triggered by a t-shirt.


He wants to make this about Murdoch. Adorbs.


And seriously, could this guy be any more sexist about Bethany Mandel?


Odd, maybe. But not surprising.

He did end up apologizing when Bethany Mandel called him out:

Bethany may well be our spirit animal.


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