We read a lot of silly and stupid on Twitter. Heck, we cover both Chelsea Handler and Alyssa Milano on a fairly regular basis so you KNOW we’ve seen some exceptionally dense takes. That being said, Amy Siskind’s tweet about Trump ‘legitimizing’ neo-Nazis and their rallies is right up there.

Say what?

From USA Today:

Hundreds of white nationalists will gather in Lafayette Square on Sunday to mark the one-year anniversary of last August’s controversial Charlottesville rally.

Actually, it was like 25 … but whatever.

Wondering if she missed the protests over the weekend because the only people acting like a bunch of fascists were the Antifa idiots attacking cops and reporters. These people.

But Trump!

Ruuuuuuussia! Resist!

Seems feasible.

Illinois Nazis.

We HATE Illinois Nazis.

Nah, it’s all Trump’s fault.

Huh. Seems Amy has some strange history with Stephen Bannon.

You know, the guy who helped get Trump elected?

But you know, Nazis and stuff.

Considering only 25 basement-dwelling, self-haters showed up to support white supremacy? Heh.

We’re gonna say no.


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