Twitchy reported earlier about how a group of Antifa was caught on video literally attacking an NBC reporter and his entire crew, plus a plethora (say that five times fast) of other videos of Antifa violently protesting NOTHING … and like clockwork, The Hill reports on the ‘peaceful protest’and vilifies cops:

Peaceful, anti-white supremacist protest.

YEAH, RIGHT. Maybe they missed the reports about all of the switchblades and brass knuckles that were confiscated during the ‘peaceful protest’.

From The Hill:

Anti-racist protesters staging non-violent demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday said they were aggravated and perplexed by the heightened police presence that involved dozens of law enforcement officers in riot gear.

The nearly 200 protesters were gathered to march against white supremacy almost one year after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville turned violent, resulting in the death of local resident, Heather Heyer.

Videos from the march show police in neon riot gear flanking peaceful protesters on all sides as they march through the streets.

Notice how they don’t mention the videos of cops and reporters being physically attacked.

Sure, but that goes against their narrative so they won’t report it that way. They can’t report on the evil white supremacists since barely any showed up, so they’re making this about the EVIL COPS instead.

Oh media, never change.


So peaceful.

Crazy ain’t it?

In other words, Twitter.

They had it coming?

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

Something like that.


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