Watching a bunch of Antifa protesters with no one to actually protest is quite revealing … they don’t really know who or what they’re marching against, they just want to march against something or someone.

Interesting how the governor declaring a state of emergency in Virginia did nothing but inspire a bunch of angry, hairy-legged, cat hoarders to show up in Charlottesville and throw a massive hissy fit. We’re not sure if any ‘alt-right’ folks even showed up.

And as Twitchy covered yesterday, Antifa was lashing out at everyone, but we thought what was most revealing is this video of an NBC reporter and his crew being attacked.

Hey, Jim Acosta told us the media were the real victims.


OH FFS. The media wouldn’t waste any time if there had been white nationalists at this protest, they’d have been front and center covering them and pretending they represent the majority of white Americans.

What she said.

C’mon, it’s ok when THEY do it.


They’ll treat them like warriors protecting this country from EVIL.

Those mean ol’ reporters had it coming!

OH, our sides.


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