You know, if a candidate invites you to speak at his or her rally on their behalf you MIGHT not want to forget to actually introduce them in your introduction. We know, picky picky.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez apparently spoke at Hawaiian candidate Kaniela Ing’s rally in support of his campaign HOWEVER the silly girl forgot to introduce him.


We can’t make this stuff up.

Then again, by her own admission, she’s just a girl so we can’t expect her to actually do or know much of anything, right? *so much eye roll*

And we’re officially dead.

Thanks for that.

Don’t be too hard on her, she’s just a GIRL.

It’s really hard to parody someone when they are already a parody themselves.

Tough crowd.


Nothing says she cares about the people of New York like campaigning in Hawaii. Yup.

She is the poster child for the modern Democratic Party.

Ain’t she though?


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