Brian Stelter was all too happy to report the majority of Fox News’ audience is white, likely as a way to prove the outlet and its audience are both super racist.

Brian the hall monitor strikes again.

Geraldo Rivera, who happens to be a Fox News staple, chimed in:

Aaaaaaand we’re dead.

Thanks a lot, Geraldo.

This tweet is SO DAMN GOOD.


Although we’d say it’s more like 90% airports …

Quiet you! You will be made to care or else CNN will try to get you and your tweet removed from Twitter.

Oh, wait, they only do that to other outlets.

So far.

They’re not even listed in the top 10 anymore.

We’re not entirely sure Brian really wants to bring up how many people are watching the news on CNN, regardless of color.


We did go out and try to find CNN’s demographics, and while they do indeed write about race a good deal, we couldn’t seem to find these stats. We found their primetime viewership has dropped 35%, we found that most people who watch CNN are Democrats … but we can’t seem to find the race breakdown. Go figure.


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