Earlier we covered Sharyl Attkisson’s latest piece where she connected the dots within the central intelligence community via a ‘Trump insurance policy,’ and as usual, it totally kicked butt.

And terrified us all at once.

Interestingly enough though, one of her readers noticed something odd about a past piece she wrote recently about what happened to the Obama admin unmasking investigation and how it just disappeared. Sorta like how the piece she wrote about the investigation disappeared.

Weird, right?

Now if you click the link it’s supposed to take you to a page of Sharyl’s articles … and one is definitely missing.

See for yourself.

Told you.

That’s crazy.

Of course, this could just be some glitch with the site or some coding issue BUT with everything that’s happened to Sharyl Attkisson when it comes to the Obama administration one can’t help but wonder if perhaps maybe something is going on …

Then again, the tinfoil this editor seems to be wearing daily could be on too tight today.

Hard to say for sure.

We’ll keep an eye on Sharyl’s timeline to see if she posts about what actually happened to her story. Until then, keep your tinfoil handy.

—- UPDATE —-

It’s back! 



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