A year on from the “Unite the Right” rally during which protester Heather Heyer was killed, protesters are preparing for Sunday’s “Unite the Right 2” rally in Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Park. Expect things to turn ugly as Antifa members clash with white supremacists while the police try to maintain some sort of peace.

There are also anniversary events going on in Charlottesville, Va., the site of the first “Unite the Right” rally (the one with all the tiki torches). Unfortunately, things have already turned ugly, as seen in this video from Charlottesville in which protesters join in an anti-police chant:

James from the Internet isn’t a big fan of the police himself:

Protesters are also angry that police are being housed in UVA dormitories.

The Guardian’s Lois Beckett attributes the animosity toward cops to their “failure to intervene” last year.

If you look quickly, you can catch the “Behind every cop, a Klansman” sign in this next clip.

Seems like the police and not the white supremacists are taking the majority of the abuse, although if you consider every cop a white supremacist, it makes some sort of sense in your head.


Here you can hear some clown calling the police “terrorists.”


Always ask politely for the media to stop filming before getting physical and grabbing the camera: