As Twitchy readers know, Minnesota Democrat and candidate for Attorney General, Debra Hilstrom, shared a troubling Facebook post written by the son of Karen Monahan accusing Keith Ellison of domestic violence against his mother.

At this point, Ellison has not addressed the Facebook post so we can still neither confirm nor deny the details in the post BUT we did take a gander through Ellison’s social media and found that he does indeed appear to have a history with Monahan.

From his own timeline:

She seems to match the picture of the woman claiming to be Karen Monahan on Twitter but again, she is not a verified account so we cannot say for sure.

There were more shots.

But this one is probably the most interesting, a shot of Karen with her son Austin (who allegedly wrote the Facebook post) tweeted by … you guessed it … Ellison.

And she responded:

Does this verify that it is her account? Hrm.

Other tweets mentioning Karen.

As they say, the plot thickens.

Stay tuned.


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