There are some people when you read their timelines on Twitter you wonder if they’ve learned to actually tie their own shoes. And usually, Twitter has verified these simple creatures. Yay.

This time we bring you a thread from Malcolm Harris (we’ve never heard of him either) who apparently wrote a book about making millennials. Don’t look at us that way, we didn’t write the book. Harris seems to think that Antifa literally physically attacking cops is not violence but symbolic speech.

Like we said, don’t look at us like that …

Antifa peeps are just symbolic fascists!

Alrighty then.

You know what sounds really ridiculous? Read this thread.

Awww, so the thousand or so protesters who showed up screaming and attacking people are the real victims here.

Got it.

Seems quite a few people were less than impressed with Harris’ take on symbolic speech.


Dude was just called out by a MOM.

He best take a seat.

But he won’t.

Us too.


So wait, if someone gets arrested for throwing a water bottle at someone else they can’t claim it was just symbolic speech?

Who knew?


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