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Weaponized patriotism? WTAF?! Blue-check pastor CRAPS on Independence Day to own Trump and it goes BADLY

John Pavlovitz has a problem with Trump.

Actually, truth be told, reading through his tweets (which is a serious PITA since he has this editor blocked), it would seem he has a problem with Americans. For example, Pavolvitz claims Trump is weaponizing Independence Day … no, we’re not making this up.


Yeah, we say that a lot but cut us some slack, we cover a lot of crazy and stupid on Twitter.

From his blog (sorry):



He calls it Christmas for Nationalists. Yup, he’s definitely a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie. Americans who love this country love her people, all of them, and we know that liberty, freedom, justice, and all of the wonderful things that make this country exceptional belong to us all. This guy has a seriously warped idea of what Americans look like, especially the ones who support Trump.


But wait, there’s more!



Stealing that.

Ironic, ain’t it?



Oh yeah? Well, people who enjoy Pavlovitz’s tweets fill this editor with grief.

So there.


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