Instead of seeing the #WalkAway hashtag for the serious red flag that it is, many on the Left are ignoring it altogether or accusing the people posting on the tag of being … wait for it … keep waiting … wait just a little more … BOTS.


Because surely the Democratic platform filled with taking away rights, raising taxes, and prioritizing illegal immigrants over Americans (even minorities) is such a WINNER.

Don’t take our word for it:

A playground for bots. And three random accounts proves it’s nothing to actually worry about.


What’s hilarious here is Dave doesn’t seem to get that this very attitude is what is driving people away from the party. We suppose if believing the tag is filled with bots (RUSSIANS!) helps him sleep better at night that’s on him.

By all means, Liberals, treat people like they’re stupid or fake for disagreeing with you. It’s such a winning talking point.

They would much rather stick their heads in the sand and pretend it’s just a bunch of bots.

Look, she’s talking down to him.


Full transparency, this editor also posted on the tag and is not a bot.

Or Russian.

As far as she can tell.

They’ll never learn, which is great news for the GOP.

Heh. What he said.


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