We’re with Ted Cruz. The idea of supporting a Nazi running for Congress to ‘own the Libs’ is horrific.

Good news though, the Democrat the Nazi is running against is pro-life …

Absolutely. Many Republicans from the area have openly stated they will indeed support the pro-life Democrat over the ridiculous Nazi. But, apparently, that’s not good enough for Jeet Heer.

‘Telling his people.’

What does he mean, ‘His people?’

Liberals. *eye roll*

And no, Jeet is not reading Crank’s tweet correctly, at all.


We were told there would be NO MATH.

Not even close.


Yes. Yes, he is.


Some of ‘Jeet’s people’ showed up on the thread.

The Hell?

Being pro-life makes Crank a total abnegation of the human spirit? By the way, abnegation is a fancy way of saying self-denial … yeah, Nate wanted to show his big word cred.


It’s like these people deliberately misinterpret and misconstrue the pro-life movement.

Ok, it’s not just like it, they do.

What they’re deliberately missing in Crank’s argument is that life is a key issue for many Republicans, and not even being a Democrat is worse than being a Nazi. Nothing is worse than a Nazi. Which you’d think these Dems would understand since they spend 24/7 calling everyone who dares disagree with them a ‘Nazi’.

Crazy, right?