Trump’s SCOTUS picks are definitely a hot topic in political circles; heck, even people who don’t live and breathe this nonsense are talking about it. And considering it sounds like Trump could be nominating a WOMAN for the court?

Serious amounts of boom-diggity.

We are already popping several bags of popcorn so we’re prepared for the announcement on or around July 9 because it’s going to be LIT.

In the meantime, there is plenty of back and forth going on about the picks …

Honestly, if Trump’s pick is another Constitutionalist what reason would Collins and Murkowski have NOT to vote for his pick other than to spite Trump?

Everything has been fairly ugly since about 2009, but fair point by Brit.

What was the other one? Don’t like it, win an election?

That may be our favorite.

Oh, honey. No.



Admit it, you felt this burn clear over there.


Hey man, that person just asked for one.

Freakin’ over-achiever.


So good.


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