Douchebag says what?

Huh, seems Vox co-founder Joshua Topolsky, for whatever reason, thought this tweet was somehow appropriate to write about Ben Shapiro.

Don’t look at us, the guy helped found Vox, it’s not like he’s a shining example of integrity anyway …

Nothing says ‘civility’ like a nasty, anti-Semitic dig at a Jewish guy and not having the nads to actually tag him in it.

Perhaps Joshua knew Ben would make him look like a fool, which he ultimately did quite a fine job of doing all on his own.

Cripes. Since Joshua deleted his tweet it’s hard to pull the others on the thread, but WOW.

The Left is in serious trouble, folks.

Liberals always laugh when they’ve made a jackass of themselves. Our guess is he knows it was a mistake but would rather laugh like he’s somehow above it all than apologize.

Vox, right?

No words.

We got him, Boo.

Doing our best.

They’d be protesting in the streets and claiming this somehow proves Trump is literally Hitler.


Soooooooper original.

Not at all.

But let’s not pretend he wouldn’t do it again given the chance.


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