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Sooo full of SH*T! Chris Hayes helps Maxine Waters LIE about threatening Trump admin with violence

This is why nobody trusts the media, folks.


Maxine Waters said ON VIDEO that people should make sure the Trump administration feels unwelcome and unwanted wherever they go, we HEARD and SAW her say these things. But of course, Chris Hayes gave her a platform to lie about what she said like the good water carrier he is.



From The Hill:

Waters appeared on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” after she said Trump misinterpreted her call on Saturday for protesters to confront Trump officials in public.

“He calls for more violence than anybody else,” the California lawmaker said.

She held up a piece of paper to read from a list of times Trump has spoken of violence.

“Listen to some of his statements during his campaign and since he’s been president,” Waters said.

If you can’t bear to watch the video, and who could blame you, she lists four things, two of which were said basically in the same way but you know, people misinterpreted what she meant.

Sure they did.

Also of importance, Hayes all but LEADS her to say she didn’t threaten Trump’s admin with violence. ‘You didn’t mean that, right? You didn’t mean violence, RIGHT?!’



Ain’t it?


But Trump.

She is literally helping him win in 2020.

They all are, there is no greater friend to the Trump campaign than crazies like Maxine Waters.

Way to go, Mad Max.


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