This guy.


Brian Stelter reminds us of the kid in class who teachers always tasked with tattling on other kids when there was a substitute teacher. You know, the one who sat in the front and shushed others for talking out of turn?

It’s like he’s surprised that Trump isn’t being nice to a bunch of people bullying his administration …

OH NO! These yahoos have spent days openly harassing and threatening people on the Right but Trump isn’t being nice to them? Cry us a freakin’ river, Brian.


Sounds like trouble in CNN-ville.

Guess not. And then, when the guy who actually got shot called for civility he was viciously attacked on Twitter.

Good times.

Ooh ooh! We know!

This person guesses correctly.

Notice how quickly gun violence disappeared as well?


Brian, they said please.

But tell us more about how mean Trump is.


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