Twitter has been a total and complete crapfest of stupid and angry … well, since forever. But the past two weeks have been even worse (which is honestly really hard to believe) what with the real-life harassment of women from the Trump administration and Maxine Waters shrieking like a crazy old woman telling people to attack others they disagree with and make them feel unwelcome and unwanted.

So where do we turn when Twitter is almost too much for us to bear? Besides boxed wine and cookies (MERICA) we look to our favorite parody account to keep us laughing, we look to Sean Spicier.

And as usual, he did NOT disappoint.

Would HAVE asked him to leave.

Ugh, one of those common and annoying typos, dammit.



Even now we have a hard time deciphering some of the Left’s tweets, if only we were more fluent in the language of jacka**.


They think Obama staffers were nice? Guessing this person hasn’t read Ben Rhodes’ book …

You know he thinks he just slammed Trump’s former press secretary … HA!

Wait, what?

And right? We loved The Birdcage.

Psh, these people have NO sense of humor.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t vote for Democrats.

And poor Tom … sorta.


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