The Left has completely lost it.

We know we say that a lot, and in all honesty, it feels like the country itself is losing it, but man, the Left has seriously gone off the rails. Like Maxine Waters telling people to deliberately harass Trump officials and make them feel unwanted and unwelcome?

Even David Axelrod (yeah, THAT David Axelrod) took issue with what Waters said.

We agree with David Axelrod. Surely it is a sign of the end of times.

Look at how freaked out the Resistance types are on this thread:


Calm down.

Kidnapping a kid? WTF?

Awww there it is, the Hitler reference.

That’s not what he said but ok.

When did these people ever play by normal rules?

Let us know when that whole ‘going high’ thing starts happening.

It’s seriously as if the Left created a monster and now they don’t know how to control or deal with it.

Sorta hard to feel sorry for them.


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