If this is true, the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA really crossed the line. Was it her right to serve who she chooses in her private establishment? Sure. Was it her right to harass Sarah Sanders and her family?


We are living in a seriously bizarre time, folks.


Now, was Mike there? No. So this could be wrong but at the same time, it could be right. And honestly we hate to say it but it sure sounds like something that the owner of the restaurant would do.

And if this did happen, and Sarah and her family were not there, were they protesting Sarah or the restaurant for serving her?

That we are having this debate at all is so dumb.

We’d imagine her dad would know but this is a fair question.

Sadly, with the way things seem to be going with our ‘friends’ on the Left, this is all too believable.


In fact, we find ourselves saying this about a dozen times a day.

And making that face you make when you’re in line at the store and the old man in front of you starts writing a check.



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