Sunday, Brian Stelter apparently invited Glenn Beck to come on his show to discuss immigration, which of course makes sense because Glenn is really the only media type who has been consistently covering the issues at the border for years.

He didn’t wait until it was convenient to call out the horrors he was seeing because the other party was in the White House.

But instead of having a real discussion, Brian pivoted and asked Glenn about his ‘failing media empire,’ at which point Glenn walked off the show. Seriously, who could blame him? What a SET-UP! And seriously, what sort of low-life, sneaky, backward, biased little jagoff does such things … wait, it’s CNN … don’t answer that.

Glenn called it OUT.

Media has a lot more to worry about if you ask us.

Poor Brian, he didn’t like Glenn’s comments:

We are sick of it, Brian.

He’s not wrong. *shrug*


They’re not supposed to know the truth, silly. It’s about the narrative and controlling the base.

That photo!


Chris Cillizza, of course, couldn’t help himself and had to tweet …


They just can’t see past their own egos.


This went well guys, keep it up.


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