In a shocking turn of events, the New York Times wrote a piece about how society would be better off if we stopped focusing on skin color and concentrated on what unites and makes us all human beings.


That would be shocking though, right?

Nah, they released more hot garbage that dumps gasoline on a divided and angry country because that’s all they know.

From The New York Times:

White people have been the majority of people considered United States citizens since this country was founded, but that period is rapidly drawing to a close.

White America is growing older, there are fewer white women of childbearing age, and the white fertility rate is lower than that of Hispanics and blacks.

All manner of current policy grows out of this panic over the loss of privilege and power: immigration policy, voter suppression, Trump economic isolationist impulses, his contempt for people from Haiti and Africa, the Muslim ban, his rage over Black Lives Matter and social justice protests. Everything.

These immigration policies are for people who conflated America with whiteness, and therefore a loss of white primacy becomes a loss of American identity.


NYT, so predictable. *eye roll*

It’s the NYT. We expect so little from them at this point we weren’t in the least bit surprised this entire piece was nonsensical.

They really are so predictable.

When you’ve ticked off Batman?



In other words, a perfect piece for the New York Times.


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