Last week, former fact-checker for The New Yorker, Talia Lavin, ‘accidentally’ called an ICE agent, who happened to also be a disabled vet, a Nazi based on a tattoo. Well of course, she was WRONG (and you’d think a fact-checker of ALL occupations would have known how important it is to be right about something like that) so she ‘resigned.’ Some people have said she was fired but hey, what’s important is that she is no longer checking facts for anyone.

She made a big deal about apologizing to the vet for not seeing who he was inside or something … but then she tweeted this about restaurants being encouraged to discriminate against people based on their political ideals, especially Trump officials.

Imagine if Republicans said this about ANY group?

She would be calling them all Nazis, she’s good at that.


We’re not entirely sure Talia knows what fascism actually looks like … someone get her a mirror.

Wonder how that whole PayPal thing is going for her.


It’s sort of like we’re taking crazy pills.

Something like that.

Oh yeah, that little tidbit.

It never does.




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