Brian Stelter proves once again that he’s nothing more than a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie, which is really just a funny way of saying he’s an insensitive, trolling, ass. This morning he invited Glenn Beck on his show to discuss immigration and proceeded to try and make a fool of him for his viewers.

At which point Glenn walked out.

And who could blame him?


And Brian acts like this is some sort of win?

Yes, Bri, we know what you were trying to do.

It was all about the GOTCHA with this interview.

What a freakin’ bully.

Among other things.

If Brian really wanted to discuss immigration with Glenn he should have stuck to the topic; Glenn was begging the media to cover our issues at the border years ago, funny how they didn’t bother to do that until a Republican was in the White House.

We’d have walked out too.

Even Bri’s viewers are calling foul here.

Not a good look, tater.


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