Joy Reid interviewing Rep. Frederica Wilson about immigration may be one of the funnier things we’ve seen in a long while. One almost wonders if Joy is allowing the magical, time-traveling hackers to help her select guests because yeah, this was a HOOT.

This is not all Trump, it is, in fact, a law that was signed by Bill Clinton (another Democrat) over 20 years ago. So no, he did not put it upon the American people, technically Bubba did. And yes, what is happening to these children is horrible, but the fact that Democrats only suddenly figured this out when their guy was out of the White House is all too telling.

Please, Frederica, keep fighting. HA HA HA HA.

Sidenote, Rep. Wilson’s hat was the REAL star of the interview.

It’s sad, right? Maybe if she could find a hat that actually fit?

We laughed.

Joy’s old blog showed us who she really is, the fact she would knowingly and deliberately spread lies about immigration in this manner totally follows her character.

Seems that way.


That was PAINFUL.

Clown car!

Shockingly, she does.


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