This guy can’t even spell ‘Resistor’ right …

But blue wave or some other happy horse crap.

They seriously think this is how they’re going to beat Trump which would be so pathetic if we weren’t busy laughing our a$$es off at them.

See for yourself.

Oh, ok, let’s go through their week of resistance in review, shall we?

  • The Left LIED about a little girl at the border and exploited her to push a narrative that doesn’t exist.
  • Peter Fonda talked about kidnapping the president’s son and putting him in a cage with pedophiles.
  • Media pushed a horror story about a ‘detention center’ in Virginia, desperately trying to frame it as some sort of Trump scandal, and it was Obama all the time.
  • Harpies screeched about a $39 jacket.
  • Resistance morons attacked Nielsen in a restaurant and Bond outside a showing of the Mr. Rogers documentary.
  • Meryl Streep’s cousin (we’re not sure this is true but it sounds funny) discriminated against Sarah Sanders in her restaurant … oh, and Sarah’s kids were with her.

Did we miss anything? We probably did considering how absolutely batsh*t these people have become.

Seriously, Trump is going to win 2020 without having to do a damn thing.

Sadly this isn’t all that far off from the truth.

We hope not but it feels like it’s reaching a peak …

And he still can’t spell ‘resistor.’



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