Sounds like Talia Lavin apologized to the ICE agent/disabled vet she accused of being a Nazi because of his tattoo.

Note, she was a FACT-CHECKER for The New Yorker, which makes this entire story that much more hilarious.

Talia was more than happy to use a media outlet to ‘target’ the ICE agent so her complaining about the agency making an example of her BS is laughable. Add to that the sad ask for money …

The Left just keeps on stepping in it, right Michelle?


Oh, that’s right. She is the same person who talked about stomping peoples’ heads for disagreeing with her politically, we’d totally forgotten about that.

On that note, someone might want to get Talia a little aloe for that burn.

She’s only sorry because she got caught.

If his life had been wrecked due to her fact-checking error we doubt she’d have been all that sorry for him because you know, those evil ICE agents doing their jobs to PROTECT children from sex-trafficking and other horrors deserve to have their lives destroyed, right Talia?

Sounds like she resigned.

Wonder if that was a choice or a ‘choice.’

Sorry, not sorry.


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