So now that the truth is out and we all know the crying toddler girl photographed at the border is WITH her mother and that her mother actually paid a ‘coyote’ or a smuggler to sneak them across the border, the media doesn’t seem to know what to do.

You have TIME standing by their cover even though the little girl they exploited for it does not actually match their narrative, and then you have people like CNN’s Brian Stelter insisting that sharing the real story behind what happened is some sort of attack by the RNC.

Can’t make this crap up.

TIME lied.

CNN lied.

New York Times lied.

WaPo lied.

MSNBC lied.

All of them lied. This is not a message assailing ANYONE, this is the truth, and that Brian sees it as an attack on the media says SO much.

Almost as if they have a certain narrative they wanted to push, true or not.

What will the Democrats run on this year?



And telling the truth is an attack.

These poor heroes in the media.



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