Well, well, well, whaddya know. TIME magazine is giving CNN a run for its money in the fake news department.

Partisan hacks say what?

It. Was. A. Lie.

So is this editor admitting the whole ongoing immigration debate is a lie because that is what the picture of that little girl has become? Proof that our media is nothing but a biased, desperate, propaganda arm for the Democratic party looking for ANYTHING they can push to hurt President Trump.


No. Their cover captures how absolutely ridiculous and USELESS the media is.

Hey, thanks guys.


Not that they give a damn as long as they can rile up their simple-minded ‘blue wave’.

YOU MUST BE UPSET even if this was a lie.


Because that’s all they have, emotions.


Alternative media is right here, honey.


Something like that.

That’s the reality of the situation, TIME. You going to put THAT on your cover?



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