We have been reading SO many tweets about ‘woke’ children and quite honestly we hope these people are lying because otherwise, this is seriously eff’d up. Like this tweet from an ‘angry feminist’ first, and a mom second, about how she ASKED her five-year-old to protest with her this weekend.

Why would you ever ask a five-year-old that?

Ok, here’s an idea, maybe DON’T have those conversations with your kids because THEY’RE KIDS.

Talk to them about summer break, having fun, reading books … you know, KID STUFF.

Fair point. If she’s going to have that conversation with a kiddo who may not even be in grade school yet she should probably explain why these kids are separated and that as long as her own mother doesn’t commit a crime she’s fine.

Seriously, we’re just hoping this is a lie for attention.

Awww, that makes sense.

Don’t give them any ideas.

We really, really hope so.

Welp, that seems simple.

Hey, it’s possible.

Again, let’s not give them ANY ideas.


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