Let us know when the outrage over Michelle Obama wearing really expensive sneakers to help raise awareness about a food bank kicks in.


From the LA Times:

First Lady Michelle Obama, who’s become quite the fashion role model with her J.Crew wear and buff-arm-spotlighting sleeveless frocks, is under scrutiny for what she wore on her feet the other day.

They’re trendy Lanvin sneakers. Which look really nice and comfy and all. Trouble is, they cost $540. If you can find a pair anywhere.

And, of course, if you’ve got $540, plus — what? — 9 or 10% tax in some places. Which seems like a lot for two shoes not guaranteed to benefit your jump shot.

The other trouble is that — wait for it — she wore them to a poverty event, a Capitol Area Food Bank for Feeding America to provide much appreciated help and publicity to benefit the food bank.


Wonder if she knows how many people the cost of her sneakers could actually feed?

These people.

Narrator: She didn’t.

Did we already say, ‘These people?’



Oh, well, we’ll say it again.

These people.

The irony of the Left talking about a slow news day when idiots in the traditional media write about what sort of salad dressing Trump had at lunch.

No, we’re not making this up.

That’s the bigger piece of the story that the Left seems all too happy to leave out, that Melania actually WENT to a detention center. Michelle didn’t go and Nancy Pelosi herself said we shouldn’t politicize them.

It’s all just a lot of hypocritical noise that does nothing to help families at the border.

Sort of like how Michelle showing up at a food bank doesn’t really feed the poor.

But at least she was wearing nice sneakers, right?


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