All across Twitter, people have been sharing their own ideas for various TIME magazine covers on immigration after the news broke that the little girl they featured on their cover wasn’t actually separated from her mother or seeking asylum.

And several covers were pretty damn hilarious, but by far this one from James Woods is our very favorite because not only is it funny BUT it hits home what the real issue is here with immigration reform …

Awww, poor Obama. HA HA HA HA.

Hit him RIGHT in the danglies.

You know that’s gonna leave a mark.


Look at those poor children seeking asylum.

*eye roll*

Wait, does that mean they all lied?

Surely the Left would never exploit such a thing.


We love the little Rachel … EL OH EL.

TIME is also standing by their cover even though they know it’s not a real story.

Tells us a lot about the media.

And others on the Left are now calling the little girl a ‘metaphor.’

These people.




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