If there was an actual gold medal in virtue signaling, Jeet Heer would definitely give Alyssa Milano a run for her money.

Look at this nonsense.

No, Jeet. We’re not having a debate on whether or not we have to be civil to people who supposedly ‘rip’ children from their parents. If that was the case we’d have been debating this very thing when Obama was president SINCE IT HAPPENED UNDER HIM as well.

But whatever keeps your emotionally reactive and sad base all riled up.


You people. You people? What does he mean, you people?

Besides, we’re not the one shooting anything up …


He really set himself up for a serious whooping with those two stupid tweets.

It’s true.

Let’s not pretend Jeet or anyone else on his team really care about what the debate should be, these are the same folks who exploited and lied about a little girl at the border to push a fake narrative. Their scruples are non-existent.

But Trump!

Hey man, we’re scared.


Yup, because of shouty-types like Jeet.

Nah, they’ll cry that the Right is full of bigots, sexists, racists, homophobes, Islamaphobes, Unicorn-a-phobes, whatever the latest ‘phobe’ might be.

Nah again.

Obama was doing it for the ‘children’s’ own good or something.


Don’t give these temper-tantrum-throwing harpies any ideas.

The nerve.

Damn, Jeet … this was bad. Way to go!


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