So much for bravely running into a burning building …

For days now, the Left has been championing the harassment of Trump officials and to a degree, the Right in general. Their goal is making people they disagree with politically feel unwanted and unwelcome, so they’ll have to forgive us if we don’t feel overly sorry for Jim Acosta getting called out at a Trump rally.

By a sweet, little old lady.


Hey, they started it.

Which is not necessarily a good thing for the Left going into midterms. Trump’s base is fired up, and once again it’s in part to the media.

Did she kick him and his family out while they were trying to have dinner? And then follow his family to a new restaurant and protest there as well?



It’s her ‘right’, right?

Oh no! The little people are disrespecting their betters in the media.


This guy’s tweets were way more entertaining when he was a Justin Beiber fan account.

Awww, these poor, put-upon Lefties. How will they EVER survive?

Perhaps someone should remind this guy there are people threatening the Right with pliers and a blowtorch (yeah, we laughed) but HEY, they’re the victims and stuff.

How many times do you think this person has to try to tie their shoes in the morning?

We disagree. This woman’s fire is burning and she’s passionate and involved in standing up for what she believes.

Deal with it.


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