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FECKLESS TWIT -> Adam Best SCOLDS Rep. Scalise after he calls for civility from Maxine Waters (check the ratio!)

Maxine Waters all but declared war on Trump officials by calling for people to harass them in their everyday lives and make them feel unwanted and unwelcome in this country.


If you watch the video she comes off as the mean, crazy old lady down the street yelling at kids for kicking their ball into her backyard by accident. Many people called out Crazy Aunty Maxine, and Rep. Steve Scalise who knows all too well how dangerous her type of rhetoric can be called for civility.

Nailed it.

But for some reason this Adam Best guy, who Twitter has verified and graced with the almighty blue check even though we have no idea who he is, took issue with Scalise.

These are not smart people, just sayin’ …

Dude. Eff off with this.

Scalise was SHOT BY A LIBERAL, he almost DIED.



GayPatriot is seriously our spirit animal.

Of course, he excused it. Crazy Aunty Maxine is just firing up their base and stuff.


Adam’s bio says he’s almost Batman except for one letter … Adam WEST just rolled over in his grave.

Us too.


‘Nuff said.


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