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Her ALINSKY is WEAK! Alyssa Milano TRIES firing back at Dana Loesch about gun safety, fails SPECTACULARLY

This sounds like a pretty cool partnership between the NRA and Project ChildSafe:


Love this.

If Everytown and Co. (looking at you, Shannon Watts) really and truly care about children’s safety surely they’d be more than willing to pony up some dough to help with this project, right?

It certainly got Alyssa Milano’s attention:

Now, if you remember (and if you don’t, don’t feel bad, it’s probably better to forget the Twitter stupid), Dana welcomed Alyssa to chat off camera and even answered her silly accusations in tweets … and Alyssa refused to meet and never answered her.

Funny how she picked a tweet where Dana is promoting child safety to finally speak up.

And ouch.

Something like that.


Because that doesn’t fit their narrative.

Hysteria leads to more fav’s and retweets.



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