Awww youth.

David Hogg reminds us every other day about the major fail our public schools have become.

Take a look at this nonsense:

Terrorism is that tiny little sliver? Wars? WOW, who knew Aids was still killing so many people … from 2000-2013.

Not to mention his inability to spell, ‘Americans’ and ‘overdoses.’


This kid.

Awwww, so we’re missing a few details here. Gosh, we thought David’s math wasn’t adding up.

But guuuuuuns.

Gotta push that narrative ya’ know. We can’t talk about the issues behind the violence, no no, just the weapon used.


Most anti-gun talking points are grossly misleading, but we digress.

He couldn’t spell ‘overdoses,’ we’re going to guess he didn’t know this.

Right? Let’s talk about the real issues and not the weapon for a change.

Like THAT will happen.


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