You know, the Left really should just bow out when it comes to talking about John McCain … at all. It’s like for whatever reason, because he’s an ‘evil Republican’ they can’t have any real empathy for him, even when he has said or done something they actually agree with.

It’s sort of like, ‘Aww, that’s too bad … but he still sucks,’ is their go-to when it comes to McCain.

See for yourself.



Imagine seeing this crap about your dad in social media?

Meghan McCain didn’t pull ANY punches:


Take a seat, Kumail.

What did you mean to do then, jackas*?

Nice try but no.

Give ’em Hell, Meghan.

See Kumail, that’s how you do it. Disagree with McCain all you want, but don’t make some sideways jab at the man about racism in a fake support tweet vying for fav’s and retweets.

It’s just gross.


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