Planned Parenthood talking about and celebrating motherhood when we all know their main function as an organization is keeping women from being mothers is just obnoxious.

Really tasteless.

We know, they try really hard to make their whole message about motherhood ‘when you’re ready,’ which completely contradicts what it means to be a mom. Honestly, even when you’re super prepared and you’ve planned for it, you’re never really ready.

Which makes it that much more amazing to be a mom.

Planned Parenthood sucks.

Raising their children in peace.

It’s taking this editor so much not to make an ‘in pieces’ dig here … oops, guess she made it by accident.

Our bad.

Glenn Beck took issue with their tweet as well:


Their self-delusion pales in comparison to their efforts to delude the world that they don’t actually kill unborn babies.

We did a double take when we saw their tweet as well.

Pretty damn awful.

Actually, it’s only a few, but nice try.




These. People.

Glenn handled his trolls far better than we could have.

Just sayin’.


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