Welp, this happened.

WHOA. Right?

From VICE:

All of this is preamble to say to SNL, I come as a friend: Your cold opens are terrible, cringeworthy pieces of self-satisfied liberal propaganda that are sometimes so bad they seem like parodies of themselves.

But beyond that novelty, the jokes are tired references to current events that never build on one another. Instead, they are limply tossed out as obvious applause lines to an anti-Trump crowd. Here’s how the last cold open ended, with a phone call between Trump and Daniels … These stale lines aren’t helped along by the performances. Stormy Daniels gets a pass because she’s a bit of stunt casting anyway, but Baldwin’s Trump impression also stands out as awful. He keeps his mouth open for reasons I don’t understand, squints, and talks in a deep voice. That’s it. The real Trump and Rob Schneider are correct: It doesn’t work.

TFW you agree with VICE. O.O

Trump, is that you?



Or the famous, ‘Our intern is stupid and screwed up,’ bit.



One of the best SNL sketches EVER. If only the ‘comedy show’ would figure out they’re far funnier when they’re not working overtime to make some ridiculous political statement that will alienate and piss off half of their potential audience.

That it’s, someone please check if Hell froze over, we agree with VICE.


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